• Excellent Features

    Increase revenue, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, social media engagement,

    visit frequency to your location and many other benefits with our more than 30 features

    • Push Notifications

      Send important messages about upcoming events, special offers or news alerts directly to your customer's mobile devices.

    • Menu Integration

      Display menu, good for single item entry, specific field for listing price.

    • One Touch Calling and Emailing

      Contacting you is that easy for your customers.

    • Book Appointments or Reservations

      Allow users to schedule appointments or make reservations. Appointment uploads to calendar with a built-in reminder

    • Food Ordering

      Allow customers to order food with the option for delivery, collection & Eat-in. Pay options: Cash & PayPal

    • Shopping Cart

      Give your customers the option to buy anywhere and anytime from your mobile with secure and easy online payment integration

    • Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Integration

      Align your social media channels with your mobile marketing strategy

    • Photo Gallery and Email Photo

      Post all of your favorite photos and let your customers send their photos directly to you. 

    • Loyalty Card

      Virtual loyalty stamp card. Set the number of stamps a customer needs to receive special deals.

    • GPS Directions

      Make it easy for anyone with your app to find your location. This could be for one or many stores or for venues that constantly change their location.

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    Incredibly Easy to Use

    We allow you to preview your apps as you update them online or from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device..


    Slick Design

    It's quite an art to make a web site look good on your much smaller phone scree, but it is absolutely essential for any site or business.


    Extremely Affordable

    Apps For Food is more affordable than a newspaper ad and shows a huge return on investment for businesses.

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